What we currently offer...

Corporate / Promo Videos

Prices vary depending on length and complexity of video. For a free quote get in touch with us here. Our latest promo video can be seen here.

Our productions are suitable for TV broadcasting or online. There are three essential stages of production and we are in constant communciation with our clients throughout the entire process...


Planning of production and content for video.


3 person essential crew...

1. Writer/Director/Producer

2. Camera Operator

3. Sound Recordist


Editing of video.


Would you like to learn how to make your own content for your company? We offer custom made workshops to teach your staff how to make online content to help promote what your company does and what it has to offer.

We will teach you the skills to create your own videos to post online. Every stage from the planning of your video to the distribution of your content.

For more information contact us here.

DCP (Digital Cinema Package)

Currently available to produce 2K packages.

Provide us with a Hard Drive or we can either rent or sell one to you.

Creation of DCP

Shorts (up to 60 mins) - £100

Features (over 60 mins) - £300

Additional Costs

Rent Hard Drive - £10 a day

Buy Hard Drive - £100 and upwards depending on size needed.

Courier Costs


Charities and Social Enterprises 

We work with charities and other social enterprises to help them in any way that we can. If you need digital content created for your charity or social enterprise then get in contact with us here

Our last project with a charity can be found here.

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