This is a story over seven episodes of a caravan site in Lancashire and set currently.

The Woan family own the site. They all reside in Spain, leaving the day to day running of the site to merry yet moody Joan Woan, ex-partner of Richard Woan, self-important Valentine (Richard’s step son) and his soon to be bride, Gabby.

Loyal and faithful Doris works energetically inside the caravan site’s social club whilst another member of staff, Little Joan appears to permanently carry an empty tray around with her and therefore looks to be busy!

Of the caravan owners, the main character family are the Thomsons. Stern and serious father “Tommo” (only a minority address him by his Christian name of Martin), the practical, easy going mother, Wanda plus their youngest son, Justin, a cocky, caring and
confident eighteen year old. And it’s his birthday celebration which features in the pilot episode.

During the early part of the series of episodes, we go back seven years in time as it is determined in several scenes as to why and how the Thomson family moved onto this particular caravan site.

Other than that, it is a present day comedy set mainly over a couple of months.

The Thomsons will be involved in a wedding, a barbecue plus events which include Annette, unofficial girlfriend of Justin.

We see Wanda as long suffering, caught in the middle of the love-hate relationship of her husband and youngest son. We observe Tommo as certainly not suffering fools and yet loyal to many plus Justin shows that whilst he has a good natured and positive streak, he won’t allow people to take advantage.

Many characters feature including husband and wife team, easy going Henry and snobby Constance, possessive caravan owner, Maurice, handsome (and he knows it!) Joshua, the resident disc jockey plus “The Blackburn Eight”, four sets of married couples who bask in each other’s company and dance in a zany kind of way.


Creator / writer, Alan Jacklott and director, Gene Dolders have known each other for the majority of their lives.

The pilot episode was written by Alan in 2015.

On Thursday 23 rd June 2016, two very different events occurred.

The first was that the United Kingdom voted on whether to remain in the E.U. or leave.

The second event was that Alan and Gene had a catch up initially because Gene had been living and working away from the U.K. for a number of years and so communication had been a bit limited.

This “How’s life?” reunion over a couple of beverages turned into Mr. Dolders offering to have a look at the script in order to do costings and give Mr. Jacklott a rough estimation of what a budget would look like for the episode and in time to come, seek
sponsorship / funding.

With one thing and another, progress was slow although communication was positive. During Easter 2017, Alan and Gene met up again and unbeknown to both parties, the guys had the same idea of getting the comedy project off the ground by way of making a
ninety second trailer.

Much happened in the personal and professional lives of both parties including Gene living in London. However, communication was always to hand and aims were being achieved plus set- backs always dealt with.

Gene relocated to his home city of Liverpool in early 2018 and from then on, things took off rapidly. He and Alan got in place a wonderful cast and crew albeit a small number and all concerned were connected with one or both of the guys.

After a couple of false starts, the trailer was eventually filmed at Gene’s flat in Ormskirk, Lancashire in April 2019.

Shortly after, Alan (with grateful assistance from Gene) redrafted the pilot episode and had enough material left over to begin typing up the second episode.

During last Summer, Alan completed the second episode and typed up an additional five.


The aim for creator / writer Alan Jacklott and director Gene Dolders is to keep everything “Merseyside”.

In other words, we will be filming in Merseyside only with cast members, supporting artists and production crew who all live in Merseyside which will include many born and bred “Scousers”.

We hope that any success with “Caravan” will gain work for all concerned. With regard to the actors and background / supporting artists, we will be working with actors who are jobbing actors, resting actors and those in the business who are undiscovered.

Alan Jacklott is a member and ambassador for actors union, Equity.

We will be working with both Equity members and non-Equity members on the production.

For those who wish to find out more about Equity, please visit


The character concept trailer was shot with the intention to give viewers an idea of the interactions / relationships between characters in the TV show.

Cast: Vicki Avery, Robin Black, Billy Blue, Colin Burrows, Louis Dickson, Alex Farrell, Alan Jacklott, Jim Meehan, Louise Millington and Connor Rycraft. 

Director: Gene Dolders

Writer / Creator: Alan Jacklott

Producers: Alan Jacklott & Gene Dolders

Executive Producer: Robin Black

DoP: Paul Avis

Assistant Camerman: Keith Hall

Boom Operator: Jon Dawe

Caterer: Sarah Dolders

Props: Paul Avis, Ian Hall and Keith Hall 

Budget: £362

Release: TBC

Status: Aquiring funding for pilot episode. If you are interested in helping to fund the pilot episode then contact us.

Character Profiles


Justin Aaron Thomson is a born and bred “Scouser”, living near to the John Lennon Airport in South Liverpool.

18 years of age, he is cocky and confident yet can be naïve regarding what people think
of him. Perhaps his intelligence doesn’t always match his common sense or vice versa!

Beyond these traits, Justin is a caring lad. When people annoy him however, he will let them know that he won’t stand for any messing.

Justin definitely loves life itself especially where it concerns the caravan site. He works in Liverpool in a museum escorting the public around in a meet / greet fashion and always seems to wangle getting the weekends off work even though a rota is in place!

For seven years, his parents have had their caravan on this particular site in Lancashire.
Justin has a great love for the site, the location and the majority of the caravan owners
plus their families.

A good looking teenager who knows it! Ladies adore him. His girlfriend, Annette tolerates his flirting and she is the boss in the partnership! However, Justin is really protective over his young lady.


Martin Thomson, aged 51 and born near to Everton Football Club.

His first job in the Bootle area of Liverpool was in a sales office, where he met his wife, Wanda.

“Tommo”, as all his work colleagues called him at the time of his meeting with Wanda, has two older sisters plus two younger sisters. They all live outside of the U.K. and when
his parents ailed, Tommo and Wanda looked after them both until they died within a fortnight of each other.

He was a tower of strength also when Wanda’s mother passed away. However, he is resented in some ways by Wanda’s father and uncle. Yet, Tommo tries to see the best in the two guys.

Both of Tommo’s parents were equally dominant. Over the years, the older family members plus demanding work colleagues and bosses have turned Tommo into a stern and serious dad to both Stefan and Justin.

The father / son relationship is taxing between him and Justin. The latter knows which buttons to push! Tommo has a great relationship with Stefan which does grate on Justin’s nerves.

Tommo left the firm in Bootle largely to get away from ignorant, arrogant manager, Gordon Hulme and landed himself a job at the crisp factory where he is a senior sales executive.

Unfortunately, four years into the job and he gained a new line manager…Gordon! Tommo is tolerant although lets Gordon know what he really thinks of him.

On leaving the Bootle post, he and Wanda relocated to South Liverpool. Wanda’s dad and uncle eventually moved near to them. Much to Wanda’s reservations as opposed to Tommo.

Tommo refuses to fly. He isn’t adventurous food wise or in the world of technology. The caravan is his escape root and he enjoys the company of many people at the site in Lancashire. However, fools he will not suffer, for sure!


Annette Craven aged 19.

Annette’s parents have been running the local fish and chip café / take away in the next village to the caravan site for about ten years. She was born in the same village.

As Annette’s parents (Stanley and Vee) enjoy a night out at the caravan club and initially had to bring Annette along with them when she was younger, Justin and the other children on the site got to know her plus younger brother, Harry.

Annette works in the chip shop, the caravan site club plus does a few shifts in the village’s hairdressers.

Stanley is over protective of his daughter and vets her boyfriends! Her romance with Justin is at first all hush hush. This idea formed by both Annette and Justin.

She had knocked back Justin’s asking her to go out with him time and time again the previous year. However, when the caravan site closed down for a seven or eight week break after the New Year party, Annette found that she was missing Justin and his
cheeky, cocky attitude.

Justin was ecstatic when Annette texted and she visited him in Liverpool shortly after for a day.

Annette knows that Justin has a roving eye for girls and ladies alike and realizes that to control him will result in losing him!

However, if he makes it obvious in her company how attracted he is to other females, she whacks him on the arm and gives him a verbal ear bashing!


Doctor Death…well, nobody really knows his real name. He is a caravan owner of over twenty years and lives permanently on the site.

He is about sixty -five years of age and though is often “suited and booted”, also looks uncared for and disheveled. Shirt cuffs need washing, a haircut or shave desired and he is so inoffensive. He is too polite to say to people “can I join your company?”

Doctor Death had always lived in the family home in the next village to the caravan site.

He still works part time in the local bank by the fish and chip shop owned by Annette’s parents, “behind the scenes”. His length of service at the bank is well over forty years.

With pressure of work plus ailing parents, drink took over his life and when his mother and step mother both died in the 1990s, Doctor Death sold up and bought a caravan though, as mentioned, still works in the village.

He enjoys his beers and whisky, loves a dance and just latches onto people.


Yvette Coulson-Drew. In her early forties. Born in Oldham where she still lives and works part time with her friends Sean, Melvyn, Shona and Ivan at a bistro which they own between them.

She met Shona and Sean at school. Melvyn was a neighbour. Yvette and Shona both went to Manchester University where they met Shona’s future husband, Ivan.

Yvette’s love life (or lack of) is complex. There may well be history between her with all the three male friends, as named above.

Her pet hates are people dropping rubbish, especially plastic items on the ground and disc jockeys who play the same tracks mostly for their own amusement time after time.

Yvette doesn’t hold back when it comes to speaking up and expressing her views and she has a crush on Justin despite the large age gap.


Constance Phyllis Dutton. Born Constance Phyllis Hadley seventy or so years ago in Stockport, where she has always lived.

A great-aunt paid for Constance to be privately educated.

Constance later had elocution lessons to the pleasure of her parents and the dismay of their neighbours!

Married aged twenty-one to neighbour, Godfrey Chester, they went on to have four daughters. As a family, they travelled the world as Godfrey worked on cruise ships.

A dislike of Constance is for people to shorten each other’s names or refer to each other using nicknames. For an intelligent person, Constance can occasionally be naïve.

She was widowed in 2000. Their best man, Henry Dutton eventually started taking her out for dinner and to functions. Constance laps up the fact that he is a wealthy, self-made man.

They have been married for about ten years and on the wedding day, Constance moved into his flat in the Cheadle Hulme area of Stockport.

Owing to Henry’s commitments in freemasonry including many functions held in Preston and Blackpool, they moved onto the caravan site about a year ago to be nearer to the various venues and do less driving.

Constance is sincere, kind and boastful.

She talks in a posh accent partly because of snob value and partly to impress. The posh voice gets swapped for her real, Lancashire accent when she tells rude jokes, if she is a bit tipsy or if she thinks people cannot hear her!


Valentine Carlton. An only child. Born in Blackpool. Aged 32.

He’s licensee / bar manager of the caravan site club in addition to being in charge of the maintenance at the site.

Valentine’s father left his mother and relocated to Canada when Valentine was three. This was due to Valentine’s mum having a fling with Richard Woan, one of the owners of the family business which was the caravan site.

Father and son rarely contact each other.

Valentine was ten when his mother married Richard and they moved onto the caravan site.

This second marriage of Valentine’s mum was no more successful than her previous one. Once more, she was unfaithful and eventually moved down to Nottingham where she remained until her death in 2009.

At the time of the break up, Valentine was aged sixteen having left school with no qualifications. He remained on the site with Richard and his siblings who trained Valentine up in order to help run the business.

Eventually, Richard and his siblings all relocated to Spain to their properties and business interests leaving Valentine running the site reasonably well with support to hand.

Valentine met his bride to be, Gabby when she used to spend holidays on the site at her great-aunt’s caravan.

He is brawn as opposed to brain. However, he is passionate about the caravan site.

Valentine keeps well in with caravan owners who have (or appear to have) plenty of money. He cherishes Gabby and has a strong relationship with Justin.


Maurice Riley Brassington was born in Manchester and owns seven furniture shops, which have been in his family for four generations. He has been married for twenty years to Wendy, does a lot of charity work and plays bowls, squash and golf.

As Maurice is an only child plus his parents both were, he has done very well financially over the years in relation to inheritance including the shops.

Maurice is about fifty years of age and lives near to Wigan in Orrell.

A workaholic, Maurice finds delegating difficult and used to refuse Wendy the chance for them to go away on holiday.

In the end, Wendy saw an advert on line for a caravan for sale on the site and bought it outright…and then told Maurice! They have been on the caravan site for just over twelve months.

He is very wary of his only son, Patrick’s friendship with Justin and most eager to keep Justin away from Wendy especially when he catches them dancing. Justin dances well.

Maurice dances although not too well. He is a jealous guy. Justin plays on his weaknesses knowing that beneath his over protectiveness for Wendy, Maurice also has a roving eye
for ladies!


Lance Clive Hugh Magennis is in his mid- sixties and retired.

He married “Little” Ethel about forty years ago and they live in the house which he was born in just outside Warrington. Only of recent times, Lance’s father died. Now there are only their two selves, they get away to the caravan site as often as possible, staying for lengthy periods.

The caravan site is about fifty years old. Lance is the only caravan owner on the site from the original three hundred or so. In the first instance, it was Lance’s parents who owned the caravan.

Lance, although very controversial has always enjoyed the way of life at the site and the camaraderie of all concerned.

He was a butcher all of his working life and sold the business when his elderly dad became disabled.

“Little” Ethel and Lance are both feisty people and it is a miracle that their marriage has survived. Working together plus living together has challenged them both.

With wearing hats in their profession, both are always seen on the caravan site doing just that.

On most Saturday nights, if they don’t arrive at the caravan club not speaking to each other then they will inevitably leave the venue hours later walking together and yet apart!


Wanda Delia Thomson. Born Wanda Delia Foster.

In her early fifties and has been married for about twenty years to Martin aka “Tommo”.

Wanda works two afternoons per week in her local post office in Liverpool.

She is very loyal, trustworthy and reliable. She will play down any trouble that Justin gets himself into! She is a peacemaker and admits that “having a child made me a parent and having two made me a referee!”

Her eldest son, Stefan lives and works in Swansea. Wanda cares deeply about both herboys and knows too well of the sibling rivalry. She is an only child.

Wanda’s widowed father, Mr. Foster and his elderly brother, Conrad live in close proximity. They are two demanding people and attempt to dominate Wanda. At times,she has to put her foot down. Firmly.

When Tommo’s parents both passed away in close proximity, Wanda and Tommo made the decision to buy the caravan much to the disgust of her old father!

Wanda is very content at the caravan site and is choosy who she associates with.


Norbert Garside. Born in Rochdale and currently living in Oldham where he works as a car park attendant hence being addressed as “Car Park Bert”.

In his sixties, Bert had recently found that his life was all work and no play as he was simply taking on far too many shifts and getting taken for granted.

He was toying with the idea of coach trip holidays and decided instead to buy a caravan.

Bert has never married although he has had many lady friends.

He loves singing, drinking and socializing in general. Bert is very helpful, friendly and a good companion. If you offend him however, he will let you know about it!


NOBODY dares to call her Joan! Her loathsome mother, domineering grandma and grumpy aunt by marriage were all named Joan!

Although Joanna (as her old flame, Bernard named her) can get loathsome, domineering and grumpy!

Joanna was born Joan Doris Issacs in Grange Over Sands, Cumbria. She is in her late fifties and is usually very elegant. Until she goes on a drinking spree looking bedraggled!

She has an older sister who she rarely sees. It could be to do with the fact that old flame, Bernard was courting her sister until Joanna pinched him from her.

Aged twenty-one, Joanna married a much older man, Sam Gee, much to the disapproval of her parents. Sam and Joanna moved to Lancaster and four years into their marriage, he died suddenly.

Joanna was left a very wealthy widow with many admirers latching on including Sam’s cousin, Noel Pritchard. They were married a year after Sam’s death and separated within months.

On getting divorced, Joanna decided to relocate to Blackpool where she eventually ran a small hotel for a number of years.

In 2004 at a dinner dance, Joanna met caravan site owner, Richard Woan and a couple of his brothers. Within days, they were an item and within weeks, the hotel was up for sale
and Joanna was settled on the caravan site, living above the club with Richard and

Richard and Joanna’s relationship was “fire and water”. Bust up after bust up, she would go missing for days on end or Richard would take himself off for a few weeks.

The caravan owners never knew who was going to be in charge or what the atmosphere would be like. By this time, Valentine was trained up in looking after the caravan site as one by one, Richard and his siblings all relocated to Spain.

Although Joanna and Richard never married, she adopted the title of “Mrs. Woan” and Valentine loves her as a step-mother figure although she can exasperate him!

Joanna did go over to Spain to give her relationship another chance and another one, and another one! She felt more than in the way when she realized that her so called friend near Benidorm, Nellie had started a relationship with Richard.

Since then, Joanna has remained on the site at the club in charge of the administration, often helping Valentine and at times hindering!

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