BG Digital CIC


At Barber Green Digital CIC, we specialise in Media Production and our aim is to create inspirational and engaging content for the web, TV and Film. Whether you’re looking for video production workshops, corporate promo videos or TV and Film production services we have got the skills and resources you need to help fulfil your goals.

Founded in 2018, Barber Green Digital CIC initially began life as a part time project until our Founder and Managing Director, Gene Dolders decided to take the plunge and make the company a full time focus in August 2020.

During our short time as a company, we have worked with a local charity to provide video production workshops, a local food company to produce a promotional video and most recently, we have produced our first short film. With two more projects already in the pipeline and new additions to our wonderful team, 2021 looks set to be our most exciting year yet.

As a Community Interest Company, our primary goal is to work with local businesses and charities to achieve a common goal in providing benefits to the community that they serve. While serving the local community will always remain at the heart of our core values, we are driven by ambition and our aim is to expand in to high end corporate, TV and Film work. In any work that we do, our objectives remain the same:

  1. To produce professional, captivating content that an audience will engage with.
  2. To tailor our services to meet the unique brand needs of our clients.
  3. To utilise our talented and experienced crew to go the extra mile and provide an exceptional service.